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Romantic Minimalist Decoration Style Fast Construction Light Steel Structure Prefabricated Villa

Romantic Minimalist Decoration Style Fast Construction Light Steel Structure Prefabricated Villa

Light steel villas can be built in a variety of ways, simple and environmentally friendly, performance is far better than the traditional concrete and bricks house. It becomes an ideal eco-building construction pursued by the customer.

Product Details

Light Steel Villa Display Light steel villas ,luxury villa Light Steel Villa Parameter

Steel column

Galvanized Steel Frame, 100*100*2.5 square tube

Steel roof truss

C100*40*15*2.0, welding and galvanized

Roof and wall purlin

C100*40*15*2.0, galvanized

Ordinary bolt

4.8S, Galvanized

Main beam

Galvanized Steel Frame, Q235 Steel, alkyd painting

Secondary beam

C100*40*15*2.0 galvanized

Floor structure board

Glass Magnesium board/ Fiber cement board

Wall Panel

Colored-steel sheet
EPS sandwich panel/rock wool sandwich panel
Glass wool sandwich panel  
Fire rating


Fire-resistant steel door/ Alloy sliding door

Live load on roof

In 120kg/Sqm

Wind Resistance Grade

12 Grades


10 Grades

Structure Usage

70 years

Light steel villas ,luxury villaTechnical parameter of light steel villa:

1) Energy-Saving: Light steel Villa is easier to build, lower cost, significantly time-saving and labor saving comparing to the traditional civil buildings. 

2) Customized design: Internal design can be customized as your own stylish apartment, with bedrooms, living room, kitchen and toilet inside. 

3) Appearances: External decoration sheet & internal wall paper applicable for better appearances inside & outside the house. 

4) Inside system: Ceramic tile, ceiling, sit down toilet, wash basin and shower are conventional arrangements. 

5) Easy to build: The house is connected by bolt and screw. 6 labors one team, each day can install 100 square meter. 

6) Technical parameter: Good Performance for anti-seismic(against 8-degree earthquake), against wind(speed of 70m/s ), sound-proof, fire resistance, heat preservation. 

7) Environmental friendly: 100% recyclable of the materials, all these advantages are conform to the consciousness of environmental protection. What’s more, the materials we use are all green materials, which are good for people’s health. Light steel villas ,luxury villa

The outstanding advantages of light steel villa compare with traditional residence:

1.The production of light steel structure fittings with high degree of factory manufacturing and mechanization of light steel villa.

2.The rapid field construction of light steel villa can’t affect the nearby residents,it’s good for civilization construction.

3.The light steel construction of light steel villa is environmentally and sustainable development products.

4.The light steel villa has a light weight and the seismic performance is pretty good.

5.The comprehensive economic index of light steel villa is less than reinforced concrete structure.

6.Compare with brick masonry building,the light steel villa can be avoided by soil brick waste of resources.

7.The light steel structure of light steel villa have small wall thickness,increase the effective use area than brick masonry building.

8.Compare with reinforced concrete structure,because of the steel products of light steel villa can be used circularly,but the reinforced concrete structure can't ,it can become the construction waste in the future and make the environmental pressure.It will cost 40 years of concrete to dry completely,so it is easy to make indoor humidity and wet air,it's harmful for human's health.But there is no concrete of light steel structure,so there is no problem.

9.The seismic performance of light steel villa is pretty good.Because the earthquake activity around and up and down,so the safe and stable box constructed and connected by crews can not appear wall collapse or fall endanger personal safety because of the shake of the earthquake.

10.The construction of light steel villa takes dry construction method,can’t waste the water resource.Light steel villas ,luxury villa

Basic Technology Features:

1. High structural stability.

2.Easily assembled, disassembled and replaced.

3.Fast installation.

4. Fit for any kinds of groundsill.

5. Construction with little influence of climates.

6. Personalized housing inside design.

7. 92% useable floor area.

8. Diverse appearance.

9. Comfortable and energy saving.

10. High recycle of the material.

11. Wind and earthquake resist.

12.Heat and sound insulation.

Light steel villas ,luxury villa

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1. Our product can be designed as customers’ interest.

2. Every production line will be checked by professional person and all products must 3. Go through multi-channel detection steps before packaging.

4. We can provide professional for installation guide.

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