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China New Design Prefab 40FT Popular 2 Story Modular Eco Friendly One Bedroom Container Home

China New Design Prefab 40FT Popular 2 Story Modular Eco Friendly One Bedroom Container Home

Anticorrosive wood balcony Quiet and comfortable environment, excellent performance, affordable price, convenient installation, and combination. It can be demolished many times and easy to move.

Product Details

Container House Description

Container house is a kind of environment-friendly building, which can be recycled. After special treatment, it has the characteristics of insulation and durability. It is widely used in industrial and mining enterprises, economic hotels, power and hydraulic, oil exploration, logistics enterprises and other fields.prefab house ,container house ,prefab container house,prefabricated container houseThe use of high-strength steel structure in container buildings, coupled with advanced anti rust technology, fire prevention technology and anti-seismic and compressive technology, can greatly improve the life of the building. Windproof, rainproof, moisture-proof, heat insulation, sound insulation, thermal insulation capacity and so on are well handled, and they are as comfortable as traditional houses. Moreover, the production in the factory instead of the production on the construction site can effectively reduce the environmental pollution and noise, and the waste of materials is reduced by 60% ~ 70% compared with the traditional building. prefab house ,container house ,prefab container house,prefabricated container houseContaienr House Parameter

Product Name

Container House


External Size: L5950*W2438*H2896
Internal Size:  L5800*W2225*H2520

Steel Structure

Frame: Q235 Strip Steel
Hot-rolled galvanized, anti-corrosive coating,
2.5/2.7/3.0 mm
Corner post: Galvanized, anti-corrosive2.5/3.0 mm


Roof frame is pre-installed
1)Colored-steel sheet (0.4mm)
2)Glass wool insulation (100mm) Fire Rating
3)Purlin: Section C80 Galvanized Steel (1.2mm)
4)Ceiling: Steel self-connected ceiling (0.5mm colored-steel)


V950  Rock wool sandwich panel
1150   glass fiber sandwich panel
0.4mm steel sheet             Fire rating: A


Hollow plastic window with yarn fan and anti-theft net
Size: 930*1200 2units


Bottom frame is pre-installed
1)18mm fiber cement board
2)2.0mm PVC leather
3)100mm glass wool insulation  (optional)


Steel door  High-quality press lock
Size: 970*2070mm

Plumbing and



Optional EU/UK socket, with distribution box, light, swich etc.


6 sets per 40HQ contanier


Dormitory/Guard House/Storage/Office/Show Room/House

prefab house ,container house ,prefab container house,prefabricated container houseIts safety is mainly reflected in: high strength steel structure, the house is very solid and stable; it will not be affected by damp and mildew, windproof, rainproof, fireproof, rust proof; insulation, heat preservation, heat insulation and sound insulation; bolt riveting is used between containers, which has high reliability; according to different situations, corresponding special process can be adopted to improve the safety performance.

prefab house ,container house ,prefab container house,prefabricated container houseIts practicability is mainly reflected in the following aspects: Production in the plant, almost no construction waste; green environmental protection, construction time and effort saving, flexible and changeable; recyclable and reusable; it can effectively alleviate the problem of high housing prices and housing difficulties.

prefab house ,container house ,prefab container house,prefabricated container houseContainer House Advantage:

1.stable structure and good installation perfromance.

2.prefabricated and with short installation time.

3.beautiful appearance without secone decoration.

4.flexible layout and can be recycling use.

5.significant saving costs.

6.good reactions to fire properties.

7.superior air tightness for controlled environment.

8.high cost-performance.

9.personalized customization.

prefab house ,container house ,prefab container house,prefabricated container house


(1) With good appearance and can designed with customers' requirement.

(2) Have strong earthquake resistance, high wind resistance , sound-insulated and anti-distortion ability.

(3) With good thermal insulation, and waterproof ability.

(4) Repetitive to use.

(5) Transportation convenient.

(6) Service life is long, can reach up to more than 30 years.

(7)Converted by shipping container.

(8)Personal design ,intelligent,green power,environmental. Movable container house.

Cases Of Components

prefab house ,container house ,prefab container house,prefabricated container house

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