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Factory Supply Simple Assembly Portable Home Mobile Prefab Container House

Factory Supply Simple Assembly Portable Home Mobile Prefab Container House

Fashion container house and black frame prefab house with glass. strong and durable, meticulous workmanship, beautiful personality, convenient transportation, excellent products with personalized customization, suitable for a variety of environmental requirements.

Product Details

Container House Description:

Container homes can be an excellent alternative to traditional housing for a number of reasons. If you are struggling to find affordable housing, are interested in taking the plunge into tiny house living, or you are needing a flexible housing option, container living may be the solution you are looking for! 详情图37.jpgContaienr House Parameter

Product Name

Container House


External Size: L5950*W2438*H2896
Internal Size:  L5800*W2225*H2520

Steel Structure

Frame: Q235 Strip Steel
Hot-rolled galvanized, anti-corrosive coating,
2.5/2.7/3.0 mm
Corner post: Galvanized, anti-corrosive2.5/3.0 mm


Roof frame is pre-installed
1)Colored-steel sheet (0.4mm)
2)Glass wool insulation (100mm) Fire Rating
3)Purlin: Section C80 Galvanized Steel (1.2mm)
4)Ceiling: Steel self-connected ceiling (0.5mm colored-steel)


V950  Rock wool sandwich panel
1150   glass fiber sandwich panel
0.4mm steel sheet             Fire rating: A


Hollow plastic window with yarn fan and anti-theft net
Size: 930*1200 2units


Bottom frame is pre-installed
1)18mm fiber cement board
2)2.0mm PVC leather
3)100mm glass wool insulation  (optional)


Steel door  High-quality press lock
Size: 970*2070mm

Plumbing and



Optional EU/UK socket, with distribution box, light, swich etc.


6 sets per 40HQ contanier


Dormitory/Guard House/Storage/Office/Show Room/House

1621473807840625.pngHomes made from shipping containers are growing in popularity and come with some amazing benefits that may not be afforded through a conventional housing situation.详情图28.jpg

Container House Application: 

1.Construction site. Office building. 

2.Worker living house. School. Canteen. Recreation room. 

3.Washing room,Laundry room,Chicken farm.warehouse.

4.Outdoor temporary Dormitory. Lobby. Office. Bathroom. 详情图32.jpg

Large Space & Luxurious Decoration

A.  Large space: Our standard outside size is 6x3x2.85 meters. The internal space of the unit is 5.83x2.875x2.6 meters. This is larger than most shipping containers which are only 2.4x6x2.35 meters.

B.  Luxurious decoration: The steel structure is hidden inside the walls, the electric cables are hidden inside the ceiling, and there is also plastic corner hemming.


High Performance Drain System

A. Our units feature a four-side inner drain system. The bending piece with a slot and aqueduct, which are hidden in columns,work together to make water flow easily out. Even heavy rain won't clog this drainage system. Other factories’ drainage channels are small and the drains are easily blocked.

B. All our containers use bolts for assemble. No welding is required. This means easy assembly of the container house. There is no need use a forklift or crane. It is easy for 2 adults to move all the materials and assemble it.详情图30.jpg

We use 3.5mm steel (3.7mm after painting) for the hanging head. It is very strong and ensures safety while lifting.

The tile is inserted into another tiles' wave which prevents the roof from leaking. The curved roof also makes drainage faster.

详情图36.jpgProcessing Sequence


Why choose Us:

1.Our product can be designed as customers’ interest.

2.Every production line will be checked by professional person and all products must go through multi-channel detection steps before packaging.

3.We can provide professional for installation guide.

4.The products shown are only part of our products. For more details ,please feel free to contact us anytime.

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