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Australia 40Ft Luxury Modern Modular Prefabricated 2 Bedroom Foldable Expandable Container House For Sale

Australia 40Ft Luxury Modern Modular Prefabricated 2 Bedroom Foldable Expandable Container House For Sale

Expandable houses can be assembled in 10 minutes,The 1-to-3 extended box house independently developed by three in one is not only easy to assemble,but also can be used frequently in different places and can provide 28-60 square meters of usable area to meet the requirements of various spaces and living spaces.

Product Details

Zontop Expandable Container House Description

1.stable structure and good installation perfromance

2.prefabricated and with short installation time

3.beautiful appearance without secone decoration

4.flexible layout and can be recycling use

5.significant saving costs

6.good reactions to fire properties

7.superior air tightness for controlled environment

8.high cost-performance 

9.personalized customization6.pngExpandable Container House Parameter

Product Name

Expandable Container House

External size


Inner size


Packing size


Option size

20ft, 40ft, etc...

Main material

Galvanized steel structure with sandwich panel
wall and doors, windows, etc.




White, blue, green, brown, or customized

Steel structure

3mm Hot galvanized steel structure with 4 corner casts and
18mm fiber cement board;
1.6mm PVC flooring;
50mm rock wool,  EPS or PU sandwich panel;
Galvanized steel base plate


3mm Hot galvanized steel structure


50/75/100mm EPS/Rock wool/PU sandwich panel


3mm Hot galvanized steel structure with 4 corner casts;
Galvanized steel roof covering;
50mm-70mm eps sandwich panel or PU sandwich panel;


Made of steel/aluminum frame
Dimension W870*H2040mm, furnish with a handle lock with 3 keys
or sliding glass door W1500*2000mm.


Made of PVC/aluminum frame
Dimension W800*H1100mm, glazed with double glass in a
thickness of 5/8/5mm.


3C/CE/CL/SAA Standard, with distribution box, lights, switch, etc.


Expandable Container House Processing Sequenceexpandable container house,prefab container house,container house

1.We can provide home design expertise,construction knowledge you need to build your custom home in short time and within your budget. We help you to achieve the balance between quality, function and costs.

2.Container can be produced according to customer requirements, and provide the staircase, iron frame bed,air conditioning, enclosing wall and other facilities.

3.We are able to provide you with not only construction scheme, but landscape design! One-stop service is our outstanding superiority with no doubt.expandable container house

Expandable Container House Advantages:


First of all, the cost of container is much lower than traditional building, which is more suitable for individual small-scale operation or temporary house.


Secondly, the construction period is short. The building time is shorter than building traditional structure. It is useful especially in situation where time is critical.


Furthermore, the container building can be moved. It is convenient to assemble and disassemble and It can be moved frequently.


In addition, container house is built without construction waste and noise pollution, which is green and environmental friendly.expandable container house

Expandable Container House Characteristic:

(1) With good appearance and can designed with customers' requirement;

(2) Have strong earthquake resistance, high wind resistance , sound-insulated and anti-distortion ability;

(3) With good thermal insulation, and waterproof ability;

(4) Repetitive to use;

(5) Transportation convenient;

(6) Service life is long, can reach up to more than 30 years;

(7)Converted by shipping container ;

(8)Personal design ,intelligent,green power,environmental. Movable container house .expandable container house

expandable container houseService:

* Twenty-four hours online and one-to-one service, solve your problem efficiently and timely.

* Installation video and guide book will be send to you demonstrating the steps for installation. Or an engineer or installation team can be arranged on site.

* Perfect after-sale service is also provided.

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