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Zontop New Design 3 Bedroom Modern Light Steel Prefab Modular Expandable 40FT Container House

Zontop New Design 3 Bedroom Modern Light Steel Prefab Modular Expandable 40FT Container House

The Expandable Container House is a type of special designed permanent house.The container houses are manufactured in a factory before being shipped to the destination and all the fittings are all assembled in the factory.Therefore, it can be installed quickly and easily.

Product Details

Zontop Expandable Container House Description

This sleek,classic,expandable container house is ideal for use in a variety of subrban areas,Imagine a wide range of container houses in a wide village,exceptionally spectacular and gergeous to fully address your office and home needs.There are great advantages of movable and collapsible.prefab container expandable houseExpandable Container House Parameter

Product Name

Expandable Container House

External size


Inner size


Packing size


Option size

20ft, 40ft, etc...

Main material

Galvanized steel structure with sandwich panel
wall and doors, windows, etc.




White, blue, green, brown, or customized

Steel structure

3mm Hot galvanized steel structure with 4 corner casts and
18mm fiber cement board;
1.6mm PVC flooring;
50mm rock wool,  EPS or PU sandwich panel;
Galvanized steel base plate


3mm Hot galvanized steel structure


50/75/100mm EPS/Rock wool/PU sandwich panel


3mm Hot galvanized steel structure with 4 corner casts;
Galvanized steel roof covering;
50mm-70mm eps sandwich panel or PU sandwich panel;


Made of steel/aluminum frame
Dimension W870*H2040mm, furnish with a handle lock with 3 keys
or sliding glass door W1500*2000mm.


Made of PVC/aluminum frame
Dimension W800*H1100mm, glazed with double glass in a
thickness of 5/8/5mm.


3C/CE/CL/SAA Standard, with distribution box, lights, switch, etc.

Expandable Container House Detail

Expandable container house can be moved frequently,more importantly,large space for mobile living .It is one after expanded ,the size is about 37 of our popular modular house, square meters,which is about 2.5 which is made of welded light steel times of the cdlosed one.With frame and insulated sandwich windows and doors designed and panels.We offer different solutions:equiped righty,it is widely used for clients.expandable container houseExpandable Container House Feature

1.100% Water Proof

2.Wind Resistant


4.Rust And Corrosion Resistant

5.Popular In Europe

6.Easy Step

7.Durable And Comfortable

expandable container houseTypical Applications

Expandable container house can be used as the office,accommodation,canteen,shop,school,dormitry,recreation centre,infirmary room,store,equipment room,workshoop,tiny sales shopbooth,kiosk,etc.It can be transformed into 3 bedroom container home.

Expandable container house is widely in Europe,Japan,Middle East,Southeast Asia,African and other areas.prefab container expandable houseJust 5 Step To Complete A Installtionprefab container expandable houseprefab container expandable house

Zontop Expandable Container House Advantages:

  1. Fast assembling-averagely 5 workers can achieve 1 container opened within 10mins.The container also can be assembled in factory and then transferred to the site.

  2. Safe and durable-over 15-20 years life span,seismic resistance to 8 degree wind resistance to 11 degree.

  3. We will first finish prefabricated in the factory,after shipping to the destination the can be used.

  4. Save shipping cost-folded up the overall transport,save space.

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