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Modern Nordic Minimalist Style Architecturally Designed Prefabricated House Villa

Modern Nordic Minimalist Style Architecturally Designed Prefabricated House Villa

Light steel villas can be built in a variety of ways, simple and environmentally friendly, performance is far better than the traditional concrete and bricks house. It becomes an ideal eco-building construction pursued by the customer.

Product Details

Light Steel Villa Display 

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Every component can easily be carried by hand- a house is like a carpentry job on a large scale. The main tool is a light, handheld screw gun. It is able to shape itself to any form and can be clad and insulated with a wide range of materials.

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Light steel structures have many of the advantages of light-frame structures: They are light and allow quick building without heavy tools or equipment.  

steel villa.jpgThe thickness of material can customize and all of them were galvanized.

123-3.jpgWorkers install wall panels that have been made in advance.


Light Steel Villa  Description

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 Light Steel Villa Parameter

Product NameLight Steel Villa
Steel columnGalvanized Steel Frame, 100*100*2.5 square tube
Steel roof trussC100*40*15*2.0, welding and galvanized
Roof and wall purlinC100*40*15*2.0, galvanized
Ordinary bolt 4.8S, Galvanized
Main beam Galvanized Steel Frame, Q235 Steel, alkyd painting
Secondary beam C100*40*15*2.0 galvanized
Floor structure board Glass Magnesium board/ Fiber cement board
Wall Panel Colored-steel sheet
EPS sandwich panel/rock wool sandwich panel
Glass wool sandwich panel 
Fire rating:A

Door Fire-resistant steel door/ Alloy sliding door
Live load on roofIn 120kg/Sqm
Wind Resistance Grade12 Grades
Earthquake-resistance10 Grades
Structure Usage70 years


Light Steel Villa Advantage:

1. Shock resistance: It can withstand10 rare earthquakes and is suitable for areas with seismic intensity above 8.

2. Wind resistance: resistance to 70m/s hurricane, wind resistance rating is 14 or above.

3. Durability: The main structure can last for more than100 years.

4. Fire resistance: refractory time of up to 1-4 hours according to different designs.

5. Sound insulation: the sound insulation of the external wall can reach 75dB, and the inner wall can reach 55dB.

6. Heat insulation: The thermal resistance of a 200mm thick composite wall can reach 3.2m2K/W, which is 11 times that of the traditional building of the same thickness.

7. Environmental protection: more than90% of steel structure material can be recycled, and most other supporting material can be recycled.

8. Energy-saving: using new material for heat preservation and heat insulation.

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