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What kind of materials are commonly used in prefabricated houses

1. Waterproof and prefab k house:

The color steel plate core material belongs to the organic polymer foaming material, its structure belongs to the closed hole type, has the good resistance to water absorption and water vapor permeability.

2. Flexible and convenient installation:

Caigang composite board not only greatly reduces the construction of the basic engineering and structural engineering costs, and can be dismantled for many times, construction and installation is flexible and convenient, comprehensive benefits are very significant.

prefab K house6.jpg

3. Non-toxic and tasteless:

Color steel plate core material without freon blowing agent, non-toxic and tasteless when burning, the spilled gas is harmless to the human body and the environment, in line with the national environmental protection requirements, is a new green environmental protection building materials.

4. Wide range of temperature:

Color steel core material use temperature in -70℃ ~ +120℃, instant up to +200℃, in low temperature and even ultra-low temperature environment when using shrink, not embrittlement, is the cryogenic (cold storage) engineering ideal insulation material.

5. Good fire protection:

Color steel plate core material is B1 class inflammable material, its oxygen index ≥26, will not melt when burning, and no black smoke, no high temperature decomposition dripping matter.

For China's high - grade fire - resistant building decoration composite board.