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What are the fire fighting measures when using the prefab k house

1. Conscientiously implement the responsibility system for fire control safety, enhance users' awareness of fire control safety, conduct fire control safety training, and improve their awareness of protection.

2. When using a plank room as a dormitory, the door and window should be opened outwards, and the bed should not be placed too closely to ensure safe passage.

Have a sufficient number of fire extinguishers, install indoor hydrants and ensure water flow and pressure meet requirements.


3. Strengthen the daily fire control safety management of prefab k house.

It is forbidden to use high-power electric appliances in prefab k house.

When leaving the room, all the power should be cut off in time.

Open fires are prohibited indoors.

It is prohibited to use prefab k house as kitchens, power distribution rooms and inflammable and explosive warehouses.

4. The layout of the circuit shall meet the requirements of the specification.

All wires should be clearly laid and covered with flame retardant tubes.

Lamps should be kept at a safe distance from the wall.

Electronic ballasts are used for fluorescent lamps. Inductance ballasts cannot be used.

When the wire passes through the wall of the colored steel sandwich panel, it shall be covered with non-combustible plastic tube.

Each prefab k house shall also be equipped with qualified leakage protection equipment and short-circuit overload switches.