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The builder of Chinese speed- Zontop house

The Government Transportation Hub Headquarters office buildings of Beijing were constructed by WeifangZontop house. The multifunctional project has 27 buildings, consisting of 2456 container houses. Committed to providing a comfortable office and living environment. The most exciting thing is the project was completed in 45 days!

Apart from the marvelous speed, the craftsmanship and details are also amazing. Prefabrication、modularization、standardization、recycle utilization are the construction characteristics of container house products. Zero pollution from project construction to demolition,  accord to national environmental protection policies.

In the past few years, prefabricated houses have developed rapidly.  

In 2016, Our country proposed to vigorously develop steel structures and prefabricated buildings in the field of national infrastructure construction. Nowadays, our country has accomplished countless miracles in the field of infrastructure construction.  

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Zontop prefab

Zontop prefab