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It only takes one minute to tell you why container houses are becoming more and more popular

Container house is good for carport, hotel, house, kiosk, booth, office, sentry box, guard house etc. The steel structure container house has features of easy to build, environmental friendly, high fire resistance,anti-seismic,excellent performance of waterproof, thermal and good thermal insulation.

1.Easy to build. These can constitute structure or residential area in various ways,and can be used temporarily or long-term in any environmental conditions. It is very convenient, can save the labor cost and the construction time tremendously.

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2.Environmental friendly. The production and movement of the container house does not produce construction waste, will not affect the environment, and will not burden people. At the same time, most of the container houses are made of steel, which can be recycled, so that resources can be fully utilized, more energy-saving and environmentally friendly, and more suitable for current sustainable development requirements.


3.High fire resistance. The wallboard adopts rock wool sandwich panel, which can withstand high temperature of 600℃ without burning, and melt above 600℃. The fire rating is Class A.

4.Anti-seismic. Light steel frame has light weight and strong compression resistance.Seismic capacity reaches level 10.

5.Waterproof. The floor adopts cement fiber board. Waterproof and moisture-proof: not afraid of water, not afraid of humidity. Anti-corrosion and insect-proof: high corrosion resistance, no rust, no fear of mosquito bites.


6.Good thermal insulation. For flat pack container house, its top and bottom main steel frames were welded together already, upgrade and strengthened panels, door, window, it is of high firmness and excellent performance of waterproof, thermal and sound insulation with long service.